In the fiercely competitive world of retail, data-driven decision-making is the key to success. At Axights, our retail analytics practice is dedicated to serving the retail industry, where staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market is imperative. With our unrivaled understanding of global retail trends and extensive capabilities, we empower retail businesses to drive growth, optimize operations, and elevate customer experiences through actionable insights.

The retail industry is undergoing profound transformations fueled by shifting consumer behaviors, digitalization, and the rise of e-commerce. Today’s consumers crave personalized experiences, seamless omnichannel journeys, and real-time interactions. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, retailers must harness the power of data analytics to understand customer preferences, optimize pricing and promotions, streamline supply chain operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Bringing together a diverse team of data scientists, retail specialists, and technology consultants, we leverage their collective expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions for retail businesses. By harnessing our advanced analytics capabilities, we empower retailers to make data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Our solutions encompass various key areas of the retail industry

Market Intelligence

Conducting thorough market research and analysis, we provide insights into emerging trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. This enables retailers to optimize product assortments, develop effective marketing strategies, and captivate their target audience.

Competitive Analysis and Customer Sentiment

Assessing competitive positioning and analyzing customer sentiments and feedback, we help retailers understand their products’ performance against competitors. This allows for identifying areas of improvement and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Analytics

Leveraging data analytics, we gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. This empowers retailers to personalize customer experiences, optimize segmentation strategies, and improve loyalty and retention efforts.

Omnichannel Analytics

Leveraging data, we understand customer journeys across channels, enabling seamless experiences, optimized marketing, and online/offline integration. SKU-level analysis uncovers drivers of best-sellers, identifies top performers, tracks buying behavior, and reveals emerging trends for informed decisions.

Store Performance Analytics

Through data analytics, we evaluate store performance, footfall analysis, conversion rates, and optimize store layout. This helps retailers enhance store operations, improve sales performance, and optimize staffing and merchandising strategies.

Strategy Consulting

Our strategic consulting services guide retailers through industry disruptions and transformations. Working closely with clients, we develop data-driven business strategies, evaluate new market opportunities, and implement innovative solutions to drive growth and gain a competitive advantage.

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